Aug 5 to Aug 7 Houston, TX

2016 MBF Summit

Beyond Bystanders: Political and Socioeconomic Engagement in a changing world

About Us

About Masjidul Mumineen

Our community, the Nigerian Muslim Association of Greater Houston (NMAGH), primarily known as Masjid-ul-Mumineen, has been in existence for over a quarter of a century. Its origin stemmed from some Nigerians that came to the United States for their college and graduate school programs and decided to stay back in Houston to build careers, develop businesses and raise families after successfully completing their studies.

The need for networking, socialization, cultural development and religious fellowship inevitably led to the establishment of the NMAGH. Our community has systematically moved from a social/cultural focus to a full Islamic community. The second generation of Nigerian-American is now coming of age. In ensuring that we duly attend to the needs of all age groups in the community, we have developed programs customized for different groups. Read more at

Annual Men-Brothers-Fathers (MBF) Summit

The MBF Summit is an annual retreat of Masjid Mumineen, Houston, TX with a target audience of men aged 18 and above. Now in its tenth year, it is designed not only to bring us together and celebrate our brotherhood, but also to educate members, who are mostly African-American and African Immigrants on their religion as well as their roles as brothers, husbands and fathers. The focus is built around Social Mobility, Spiritual Upliftment, and Career Advancement.

This year's theme is Beyond Bystanders: Political and Socioeconomic Engagement in a changing world

The themes for the previous editions were:

  • 2006/1427 AH - Moving Men To The Call of Allah
  • 2007/1428 AH - Brotherhood in Islam
  • 2008/1429 AH - Fatherhood in Islam
  • 2009/1430 AH - Real Men in Tough Times!
  • 2010/1431 AH - Brotherhood - the Story & the Standards
  • 2011/1432 AH - Rich Deen, Rich Dad
  • 2012/1433 AH - Islam in Theory & Practice
  • 2013/1434 AH - Earthly Steps; Heavenly Goals
  • 2014/1435 AH - Learning from the Past; Living in the Present; Building for the Future
  • 2015/1436 AH - The Next Generation - Engaging the Muslim Youth
Date and Venue Details

Venue: Mumineen Hall (8875 Benning Drive, Houston TX 77031)

Date: Friday August 5 to Sunday August 7, 2016








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Event Venue

  • 8875 Benning Drive, Houston, TX 77031
  • Aug 5 2016 - Aug 7 2016